Rebranding Mistakes & Marvels: 5 Lessons Learned in a Home-Based Business

1. Lesson: Don’t fix what’s not broken. Coca-Cola learned not to tamper with a beloved brand in 1985 when it decided to re-stage its iconic brand with “New Coke.” The public was outraged and let Coca-Cola know they didn’t want a “new” Coke. They wanted their old Coke, literally a quintessential icon in American popular culture. Coke responded within a […]

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Marketing Channels You Should Be Using to Market to Your Target Audience

Every business owner knows the significance of marketing. Proper marketing helps organizations large and small to convey messages to a large demographic. Marketing is essentially how consumers learn about new brands. It ultimately helps them to determine whether your company has products and services they’re interested in, and more importantly, if they’ll do business with […]

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Updated on 19 October 2018

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