5 Simple Questions to Increase Brand Influence

Stop Reacting and Start Getting Results with Your Brand

We live in a society of reactions. Where we- you, me, and your audience- are busy doing so much that we simply react to most aspects of our lives and businesses.

As business owners, we react to writing that new blog post, that next Instagram or Snapchat post, the upcoming product or service to launch, how to respond to a not so nice email,  or to just the logistics of running your business. Our reactions have become a way of life, business, and brand messaging for many of us.

This reaction based approach to your brand and business isn’t unnatural on many levels. We as human beings are instinct driven creatures, not logical beasts. But constant reactions rarely produce the long-term, big picture, high-profit results we want for our brands.

There is a way to rethink your reaction based brand approach that you fell into and replace it with results and relationship-centered perspective. Because in the end that is really what a brand is. A brand is the relationship your product or service has with your audience. And as with any good relationship, there is a natural level of influence, trust, and respect.

Neuro Human Branding™ is a relationship focused branding method. It focuses on the science and psychology that drives humans. Because let’s face it, we sell to humans and in turn, our brand relationships are with humans.

Neuro Human Branding™ looks at 5 key areas of what makes humans, humans: biology, psychology, sociology, subconscious mind, and our innate human needs.

What does that mean for your brand and that massive “to do” list sitting on your desk?

The Neuro Human Branding™approach makes everything you put out into the world be it an email, product launch, sales call webinar, social media post- crystal clear on what to say and do to create the optimal relationship between your brand and audience.

Now, clearly, I don’t know all of the details of who your audience really is. But I do know people. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to make sure your brand becomes results and relationship focused. So, before you post, tweet, send, launch or make any type of impression for your brand, ask yourself these 5 questions first.

1. Does this (insert action to be taken here) create trust?

Your brand is a relationship first and foremost. Make sure that all that you do builds your relationship trust.

2. Does this reflect your industry or client experience?

Your verbal and visuals should literally be painting and expressing the picture of what your audience’s life will be like once they are working with you or have purchased your product or service. Yes, you are selling the story of the ideal life your clients will have by working with you.

3. Will your audience feel special?

It is built into our biology to want the best, that insider knowledge that no one else really has unless we deem it to be ok. Use our innate hunter/gather desires for the best to your brand’s advantage by having your audience feel like they are your sole focus.

4. Does your audience feel loved?

As human beings, we all have an innate desire to be loved and accepted just for who we are. No strings attached. Make sure that your audience knows that no matter if they purchased from you or not, they are still “loved.” That your relationship isn’t determined by how much money they spend with your brand.

5. How does it talk to your audience’s subconscious stories?

We all have stories. Some we created, some we learned, and some we were taught. And though you can not know every specific story your audience holds, you can learn a lot from the TV shows, movies, and media they love.

Society creates a lot of the stories that stop, influence, or propel your audience to do what they do. Society tells us that lawyers are always out for themselves, used car salesmen are always cheating you, and that dogs rule and cats drool.

Though it may sound silly, these are the subconscious stories that your audience doesn’t even know they are instinctually fighting with. It is these instinctual stories that stop your audience from that next breakthrough, go to that next level, or fully experiencing all that you offer. Speak to the stories before they even arise in your audience’s subconscious mind.

Not sure where to get started on discovering your audience’s stories?

Simply look to what were the popular movies, tv shows, books, and celebrities of your ideal relationship audience when they were in their late teens to early 20’s. These years (16-23 years old) are when society has the greatest influence, on us and therefore so will their stories.

The next time you feel that time crunch and all you want to do is react- STOP.

Take a few moments and ask yourself these 5 simple questions before you respond, post, comment, or create. This will bring greater clarity, power, and connection to everything your brand puts out. Which will create a stronger brand for you and your bottom line, too.

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    Updated on 19 September 2018

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