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This isn’t your typical affiliate network. As developers and affiliates ourselves we grew tired of other networks’ technology, tracking and poor support. Our highly knowledgeable staff is always available and our affiliate software calculates EPC’s faster than that janitor in Good Will Hunting.

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Delivering Glorious Results for Our Clients with the Finest Network Offers

Godspeed Network is not just a name in the online advertising space, but a company which is built on commitment and trust. At GSN, our clients are at peace of mind with their marketing, branding and online activity needs. We literally manage thousands of accounts for clients and agency partners who have believed in results and that we have delivered successfully for years. We operate as one of the largest and globally recognized advertising platform catering to the needs of some of the topmost promising companies across the globe.

Our team often give the chills to our competitors. We are not worried about competing but focus on our client’s objectives to accomplish challenging tasks with utmost care. This zeal and hunger has led to making of the Godspeed Network which boasts of thousands of affiliate offers for quality driven Publishers who wish to be a part of a winning team with the courage and potential to drive results. Needless to say, our publishers are happy and we have grown from a few hundred to a few thousand publisher networks across the world. We are increasing at three times the pace compared to last year. This clearly shows how happy our publishers are. It also shows the importance and care we offer to each of our partner in helping them be a powerhouse of niche and high quality traffic. This allows us to drive unimaginable traffic from their Blogs and Websites. We clearly offer the best rates and fast payments.

If you need a home, where you wish to get hold of the best offers and deliver result then you are home already!

Network Marketing is Easy Now for Affiliates with Trusted Publishers

To find the most appropriate, results driving platform is never easy. It’s often confusing with various networks offering results but very few live up to the expectations and commitment. At Godspeed Network, we believe in delivering results and commit to driving potential traffic in the best interest of the advertisers. It is also in the best interest of the publishers who have good traffic, niche or targeted, but do not have a good place or network to send that is worth the deal. We are popular for making all ends meet and that all our clients and partners are equally happy. How many such networks do you know of? We presume you are smart enough to take a wise decision and experience quality results at the best rates.

Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
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Professional Team
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Easy Knowledge Base
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Marketing Tricks
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24/7 Award Winning Support
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Free Updates Lifetime
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Our Management Team

Robb Richardson IT Director/Project Development Manager

Robb has consulted IT and managed several IT companies.  Robb has been brought in to manage large projects for many companies and have delivered solutions on time. His education is a degree in Computer Science, as well as a handfull of certifications. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and archery.

Muhammed Asadullah Email Guru

Muhammed Asadullah (Asad) is our talented Email Guru. Asad is a goal oriented leader in our company and is has earned excellent repute for his rock-solid business ethics at the workplace. He is versatile and ensures of a proper commitment balance between his devotion for the company and the higher education he is pursuing.

Benjamin Lord Founder

Benjamin Lord is our Founder. Benjamin remains a consultant to our company. His previous work experience includes growing from a 3 person call center to 980 full time employees with 3 locations worldwide. He is the Founder of Educated Natives.com (coming soon), a 501c3 none-for-profit charity dedicated towards providing scholarships to underprivileged or disadvantaged, low-income Native American children. He also sponsors a child from a low-income household to attend private schooling within New York City, each year.

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Updated on 12 November 2018

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