Barack Obama And Donald Trump Offer Up Different Father’s Day Messages On Social Media


Former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump took to Twitter today with different messages on Father’s Day. While Obama shared a heartfelt Father’s Day message to his two daughters, Trump focused on the “witch hunt” into his administration despite great polls. Certainly, it is not too surprising considering how each handled the office of the White House.

Obama wrote on social media on Sunday: “Of all that I’ve done in my life, I’m most proud to be Sasha and Malia’s dad. To all those lucky enough to be a dad, Happy Father’s Day!”

The Democrat has spoken of his admiration for Sasha and Malia, who grew up in the spotlight, having turned 16 and 18 respectively while their father was in the White House. Obama says in comments carried by Today: “Every parent brags on their daughters or their sons, but man, my daughters are something. And they just surprise and enchant and impress me more and more every single day.”

However, Trump went a completely different way with his message on Father’s Day. Trump used social media to celebrate his approval rating going up and complain that he was the victim of a witch-hunt.

“The new Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 Election, just out with a Trump 50% Approval Rating. That’s higher than O’s #’s!,” he wrote on Sunday morning. And in an earlier tweet, the president had said: “The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt. Many new jobs, high business enthusiasm.”

A news release on Friday from Rasmussen Reports notes, “This is the first time the president’s overall approval rating has hit the 50% mark since late April. His approval rating has ranged from a high of 59% in late January shortly after he took office to a low of 42% in early April.”

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. This celebration was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America, where March 19 is often still used for it, though many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date, which is the third Sunday of June. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

What do you think of Obama and Trump’s messages on Father’ Day? Prefer the more family focused message from Obama? Or do you like how Trump advocates his poll numbers and calls out those investigating him? Let us know in the comments section.

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    Updated on 22 October 2018

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