Podcast: Native Advertising is Critical to Your Online Marketing Success – Interview with Dale Lovell

Native Advertising is growing to be a major part of online marketing. Is your home business leveraging the power of Native Advertising? In this episode of Home Business Radio, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Managing Editor Sherilyn Colleen interview Dale Lovell, author of Native Advertising: The Essential Guide (www.adyoulike.com). He will talk about how native advertising […]

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What Is Your Brand Story?

Everybody loves stories –romance stories, action stories, mystery stories, success stories  – you name it and someone loves it.  Storytelling is a basic thread of human communications.  People connect with stories, remember stories, and share them with others.  We’re pre-wired for stories.  It’s how we communicate. People make decisions daily.  While they use data or […]

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Instagram Can Be the Exact Platform for You to Connect With People and Share Your Vision

The cool new way of expressing one’s own interest and other obsessions are done through Instagram. It is actually expressing through photographs taken through the smartphone and showing off to the world the new or interesting thing in one’s life. Social networking is something that keeps all connected and this is another social networking app […]

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Eyes Wide Shut

A new farm stand / grocery store opened in my town yesterday. That’s relatively big news, given that in doing so, they have literally doubled the number of local places where you can buy a quart of milk, pick up a dozen eggs or push around a squeaky-wheeled, metal carriage. They’ve also expanded the job market […]

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Updated on 18 October 2017

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