How to Change Your YouTube Name

Perhaps the personal YouTube name you made when you were 14 isn €™t cutting it anymore (I €™m looking at you, SoccerLuvr4444). Or maybe you €™re striving to create a new brand identity, and you €™d like a new YouTube name to reflect that.

Whatever the reason, changing your name on YouTube is an easy three-step process. Before we jump in, it €™s important to note that this guide will show you how to change the name displayed on your YouTube channel, and the one seen when you comment on people €™s videos — these steps won €™t change your YouTube account €™s actual URL.

Also important to mention, changing your YouTube name will change your Google account name, as well. If you €™re hoping to create a harmonious brand identity across your YouTube account, email, and website, this might be a good thing.Unlock the one resource you need to start growing your YouTube business  channel.

However, if you only want to change your YouTube name, but don €™t want to affect your entire Google account, you €™ll need to link your YouTube account to a separate Brand Account — here €™s a tutorial for how to do that.

Now, let €™s dive into the three easy steps you need to take to change your YouTube name.

How to Change Your YouTube Name

1. When you €™re signed into YouTube, click on your user icon in the top right (I put a red rectangle around mine in the screenshot below). Then, click €œSettings €.

2. In your Account Settings, click the €œEdit on Google € link.

3. Here, you can change your First and Last name — for instance, I deleted my last name and replaced it with €œConsulting €. It €™s important to note this will change your name on all Google accounts. When you €™re done, click €œOK €.

4. Now, my official YouTube name is €œCaroline Consulting €. When I comment on a post, that €™s the name that €™ll show up, and when someone searches for my channel, they €™ll need to search Caroline Consulting.

And that €™s it — you €™ve changed your name. Remember, €œfirst € and €œlast € refers to your first and last name, but you can certainly take creative liberties with those categories, as I did.

The only real challenge with the easiness of changing your YouTube name is the subsequent temptation to change it all the time (at least, that €™s how it felt to me).

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