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How to Design a Character for Your Brand

Have you ever searched stock image websites and thought, None of these truly represent my brand?

It can be difficult to stand out, or delight your readers, if you’re using the same cheesy “marketing person on computer” image as everyone else. But what’s the alternative, besides finding room in the budget to hire a freelance photographer?

You might want to rethink your strategy a bit. Henneke Duistermaat, writer and creator of Enchanting Marketing, found it easiest to reflect her true brand image, connect with her audience, and make her business memorable by hand-drawing Henrietta. Henrietta is a cartoon character who embodies Enchanting Marketing better than any stock photo could.

Take a look at the infographic below, featuring Henneke’s “alter ego” Henrietta, to find inspiration to create drawings for your business that will captivate and engage your audience.


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    Updated on 12 November 2018

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