The Current State of SMB Invoicing [Infographic]

Spreadsheets. Emails. Paper documents. Oh my. 

If this sounds anything like your current invoicing solution, you’re not alone.

In fact, 27% of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) admitted that they have a hard time creating and sending invoices — let alone tracking them — according to a recent survey from HubSpot Research. Use the free HubSpot Invoice Template Generator to create professional  invoices in minutes.

What other invoicing challenges are SMBs facing? We’ve compiled some of the most interesting statistics for the survey below, along with a few tips on how to simplify your invoicing process for 2018.

P.S. – Check out this handy Invoice Template Generator to create free, professional invoices in minutes.

Current State of SMB Invoicing.png

Invoice Template

Invoice Template

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    Updated on 22 October 2018

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