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The Marketing Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

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If you are holding a mass event or just a party to boost and grow your company’s brand awareness, create new contacts or collect new customer data, then what your event may be in dire need of is a funky branded photo booth. A photo booth doubles up as a cost-effective solution to marketing and promoting your services/brand, as well as a value-added solution via social media and many other channels for your company. Photo booth hire company, Platinum Snap has shared with us 7 marketing benefits of having a branded photo booth at your next event, so read on to find out more!

1. Put Your Brand At The Forefront

Branded photo booths are often designed to match the brand’s image and requirements – this means that photo booth specialists will work closely with you and your team to create the perfect design for your photobooth, ensuring that your brand is highly visible on both the final printed imagery as well as the photo booth set up at your event. This way, your brand is fully noticed by all, making an impact on both current and future clientele.

2. Increase Your Engagement

Engagement with your customers is truly a crucial component of any event that you hold for the company and a photo booth is truly the perfect platform to utilise when engaging with clients. A photo booth serves as both an attraction and talking point for you with your customers, as well as an ingenious way to create a buzz around your brand. Higher engagement with customers secures you the opportunity to talk to them about your products and offerings. Customers will feel that your brand is affable, and the fun and light-hearted feeling surrounding your photo booth will allow you to rally data in a much more pleasant way from new prospects.

3. Social Media Benefits

With a branded photo booth, not only are your clients gifted with a fun and lighthearted experience – they are also granted the fun of being able to share their photos with all their friends and family on all their social media channels. You can even share the photos from your branded photo booth on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram business pages for further social exposure. This is a fantastic way to get your brand to go viral on social media, which is one of the key elements when it comes to digitally marketing your brand in this day and age. Not only may this help you get more likes on your business page, but you will also increase social awareness of your brand and in turn this may result in new clients, new leads or even just a higher rate of conversions for your business.

4. Create More Revenue

One of the fantastic things about having a branded photo booth is that you have the opportunity to capitalise on its real estate value by leveraging it to sell ad space to sponsors. Sponsors can choose to either have their brand printed on the photographs itself, on the actual photo booth kiosk or better yet – both. This can help you cover the cost of the photo booth itself, with a high chance of even ending up in the profits depending on how many sponsors approach you.

5. Collect Important Data About Attendees

One of the prime benefits of branded photo booth marketing is that it provides you the prime opportunity to gather crucial data on the attendees who attend your event or partake in the photo booth fun. When sharing photos to social media, attendees most usually are required to input their name and email address (or any other demographic details) in a collection form. Sign up and opt in forms for email newsletters are a great avenue for collecting important data about attendees as well. With this information in your arsenal, staying connected with attendees even months after your event is made simple, and gives you the opportunity to further your relationship with them. This information is also extremely valuable to sponsors, creating further opportunities for you to work with sponsors both old and new.


With these marketing benefits, there is ample reason for you to hire one of your very own customised photo booths for your next corporate event, pop up or exhibition kiosk. The wonders that a photo booth can do for your company’s exposure and viewability are endless, so get started on it today!

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    Updated on 12 November 2018

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