Your Brand New Business: Marketing Strategies to Start from Scratch Without Showing It

Marketing your business is going to be important from the first day you launch because you’ll want to get your name out there and attract customers.

However, what if you don’t want to advertise the fact that you are a brand new business? Sometimes this may be the preferred option.

It’s tricky, but there are a few marketing strategies you can employ to cover up the fact that you have just launched, and here are a few you might want to consider.

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Get Your Branding Right

First of all, you will want to have a very clear idea of your brand. One of the big giveaways, when you are a new business, is when you don’t have your branding sorted out. This can make you look more amateur compared to the more established competition.

So before you launch, make sure you have a professional website designed, get a logo designed, and decide upon the tone of the copy and your content.

Being sure about the image you want to present will give you a confident impression. If you are undecided, this will show through in your content and hurt your efforts to look authoritative.

Publish a Batch of Blogs

Publishing a blog is one of those marketing tactics that is beneficial for new businesses as well as more established businesses.

But when you are first starting out, it can give you away as a new business. If you only have three blogs, one of which introduces your company, you are going to look very new.

One tactic to consider is to create a list of blogs that you can publish before you even launch officially. Create and publish 10 or 15 blogs, and don’t include an archive in the sidebar for now because this will also show that you have only been publishing blogs for a short while.

This way you can create authoritative content that is genuinely useful to your customers without advertising the fact that you have only just launched.

When it comes to blogging or other marketing techniques, you may want to get a helping hand from a marketing company specializing in your niche. For example, if you run an appliance repair business, find an expert in appliance repair marketing to help you.

They can then help you to stand out and get noticed without highlighting the fact that you are new.

Get Active on Social Media Before You Launch

Just as it is a good idea to start blogging before you officially launch, you can also do the same on social media. Social media marketing has many benefits for businesses of all sizes. So launch your presence and get involved in the conversation, and build up your follower numbers.

There is no bigger giveaway that you are a new business than when you only have 100 followers on Twitter. So make sure you spend at least a few weeks but preferably longer building up your social media profiles.

Then when you do officially launch, it won’t be obvious to new customers that you are completely new.

In addition, you will have already been building up a potential customer base who might turn into your first customers when you finally launch.

Publish Authority Content on Other Websites

Authority content is one of the factors that will instantly make you come across as experienced, even if your business is completely new.

The people at your business may have hundreds of years of experience between them, and you can put this to good use to demonstrate clearly that you are authorities in your niche.

Do this by publishing guest posts on authority websites and blogs in your industry. Have a look for the best places to publish your content, then spend some time building up relationships with the owners.

You can start publishing content on these sites even before you have launched, so by the time you launch you will already have a number of guest posts out there increasing your authority.

Team Up with Other Businesses

Another tactic could be to find similar businesses to yours that are not competitors and team up with them so you can recommend them to your customers.

If an experienced business with a good reputation starts recommending your products and services, this can help you to look like a more established business. Likewise, by recommending another well-respected business, you help to shed your newbie image.

Create the Right Impression Through Your Marketing

There is no reason that you have to come across as a new business when you first start marketing. On some occasions, you might want to highlight your startup status, but if you would prefer not to, follow these tips and instantly make the right impression on your customers as your business starts to grow.

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