Match Point

Put your donut down for a minute  and pay attention.  I have some questions for you: 1. Can you recommend  a career coach for my cousin who €™s thinking of leaving her job? 2. Can you recommend  a mason who could repair my front steps? 3. Can you recommend  a recruiter who could find a […]

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Video for Content Marketing Is Leading the Charge for 2017 Advertising

As businesses find unique and inventive ways to reach consumers, video content is being positioned as the primary platform within marketing corridors. With companies setting the bar pretty high for video content marketing such as Lenovo, BMW, and Geico, it is anticipated that key advertising industry players will follow suit making video content, marketing the […]

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How Small Businesses Leverage Social Media Promotion over Traditional Methods

The Changing Face of Advertising   As more businesses expand their advertising from traditional radio and television into 360-degree campaigns that include digital outreach and social media engagement, a recent survey found many small businesses are also recognizing that social media can be an invaluable, cost-effective tool for reaching customers at the local level. Licensor […]

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