5 Tactics to Boost Followers and Engagement on Instagram

Looking to boost your popularity on Instagram? The social network can be an excellent way to build your brand and market yourself or a business, provided you use it correctly. Use the following strategies to increase your number of followers and get more engagement from them.

1. Use the Right Hashtags

Every time you post something, look for any hashtags that apply to your post and include them. For example, if it €™s a picture with a cat in it, you could use €œ#cats, € €œ#catsofinstagram, € and anything else related to cats. It €™s important that you only choose hashtags that fit the post, as it can annoy people when they see posts that have nothing to do with the hashtag they €™re looking at.

2. Include a Call to Action

you can easily boost the engagement on your posts by including a call to action either in the picture or in the caption. One popular call to action that brands have used in their pictures is the phrase €œDouble Tap Your Favorite. € This works any time the picture has more than one item in it €“ for example, soft drink companies will post a picture of all their flavors and tell viewers to double tap their favorite flavor. No matter which one viewers choose, double tapping results in another like on that post.

A call to action in your caption is an excellent way to get more comments. If you post a travel photo, your call to action could ask people to post where they €™re going on vacation next, or if they €™ve ever been in the same area seen in the picture.

3. Talk to Other Users

The problem many people and companies have on social media is that they €™re only focused on themselves and self-promotion. They post their own content but never comment or like anyone else €™s posts.

Social media is all about making connections and interacting with others. It €™s not a connection if you €™re just talking about yourself the whole time. Comment on the posts of other users, especially those who have similar interests as you.

4. Give Other Users Shout outs

you can take your connections a step further by giving shout outs, which are when you tag another user in your post. This works best if you and the user you shout out have similar target markets, as you can both shout each other out and send each other more followers.

How can you find users with similar target market? One option is performing keyword searches. When you find users you want to shout out, you can comment on one of their posts or direct message them asking if they €™re willing to do a shout out for a shout out, which is abbreviated as €œs4s. €

5. Buy Views

While all the above methods work well, they also take time and you need to do them consistently to get results. There is another option that €™s quicker and easier. You can buy Instagram views to get hundreds or thousands of views in a short period of time, instantly boosting your popularity on the platform.

The benefit of buying views is that it instantly increases your social proof on Instagram. People are more likely to view or like something when other people have already viewed or liked it. When you buy views, your increased view numbers will result in more people viewing your posts, and then this will snowball as you gain more popularity. You can buy anything you need most on Instagram, whether you want more followers, more likes, or more views for your videos.

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