Market Your Webinar to the Masses

I hate the word webinar. I think it €™s overused and many startup entrepreneurs are being told false truths about how to drive traffic to, and profit from, webinars. As a Facebook ads strategist and funnel expert, I €™ve seen firsthand the good €”and not so good €”ways webinars are being marketed to the masses.

To begin with, let €™s stop calling these trainings €œwebinars. € A far more effective term is €œlive training € or €œmasterclass. €

Establish a €œvalue ladder €

The first thing you €™re going to need for your live training is a value ladder, meaning you start people off with an entry-level offer and move them through a sales funnel into offering them progressively more expensive services.

A business will not make it with just one high-end offer. Running ads from a training to pitch a high ticket €”and by high ticket, I mean over $2,000 €”program simply doesn €™t work.

You €™re going to need lower priced offers in your funnel to get people in the door, so to speak. With these lower priced offers you €™re getting them onto your email list, into your Facebook group and often offering them an item priced $99 or below.

Warm up your traffic

When it comes to traffic, cold pitching a live training through Facebook ads €”or any other means of advertising €”almost never works. These people have never heard of you. They don €™t have a relationship with you. Ultimately, they have no idea what you have to offer and what you stand for.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners will not sign up for a live training from someone they don €™t know. People are attached to their money, making it difficult to make those initial sales. This is why you should always warm up your traffic first. For example, instead of running an ad directly to the registration page for your webinar, run it to a value-driven post on your blog.

Focus on retargeting

Once your cold traffic has been warmed up through your blog, you can retarget them (using the Facebook pixel, for example) with a second ad that runs to your training registration. Those who sign up through your retargeting campaigns will cost you far less per lead than if you simply attempted to convert them into registrants with the first ad.

Align the offers within your funnel

Once you have someone registered for your training, you can attempt to move them through your funnel and into your paid products. Ultimately, your high-end offer needs to be in alignment with all of the lower-end offers on your value ladder €”each should lead naturally into the next until people arrive at your high-ticket offer. If all of the offers aren €™t in alignment, people are not going to buy from you.

As you brainstorm ideas for the paid products in your value ladder, remember the most important rule: each step needs to accurately reflect you and your business. This ensures people know exactly what they are getting when they sign up to get your emails, participate in your live trainings, and eventually feel comfortable enough to buy from you.

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