The Top 5 Ways Social Media Influences Business Growth

Social media has become somewhat of a currency these days, and chances are, if you own a business, large or small, you have at least considered the idea of using social media marketing to expand that business. Social Media Marketing works, whether it’s inviting potential customers to an event, advertising an opening, or just letting them know who you are and what you’re about through interaction on a specific platform. If you’re in the few select businesses that haven’t launched a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you may be losing more revenue than you know, and failing to maximize what you already have. Here’s why.

Friendly Demographics

It used to be that social media was only for the cool kids of tomorrow; The rulers of Facebook and the selfie takers of Instagram, but now, all that has changed. For the better! Social media is still about sharing your life with people around you (near and far) but it’s also about sharing what you’re doing, where you’re doing it and persuading others to do it with you. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, nearly eight-in-ten Americans (79%) now use Facebook, more than double the share that uses Twitter (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%) or LinkedIn (29%).


That means, using social media targets all kinds of groups ready to become consumers for your business.

Customer Service/Direct Messaging

No one wants to wait on hold for 15 minutes with an automated service when they could easily reach a call center or someone on the other end to chat with directly. One could also use this direct messaging system Twitter provides to get in touch with a company about an order or a return much faster which will most often implore a customer to become a repeat customer when they’ve received exceptional service.

customer service

Two Way Communication

Many times, shop/restaurant owners or boutiques use social media to communicate with their customers in the comments section, allowing them to evaluate the experience, explaining what they loved or what could be improved upon. One of the main reasons this is helpful, is because not only will your business know what it needs to address when it isn’t working out well, it will also be informed of what customers prefer and will keep coming back for. Customers will then use word of mouth to tell people about their experience, thus, guaranteeing new business.

Social Media Is VERY Active

If you’ve ever been in a conversation with someone and been annoyed with them constantly checking their phone; then you know, people are very active on their blogs, IG and Tumblrs. According to this latest research, people in the U.S. check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a staggering 17 times a day, meaning at least once every waking hour, if not more.

But Americans aren €™t the most dependent on these networks when compared to other countries €” smartphone users in Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia, Qatar, Mexico, and South Africa checked these networking apps at least 40 times a day. This activity gives you an even bigger chance to be noticed, to run ads, to increase revenue, and for my next point, for them to SHARE what they’ve seen.

Sharing Is Caring

Often, businesses can generate leads with not only Lead Generators like us, but with social media influencers (style, fashion, traveling) – those influencers then evaluate a product or service they’ve used, and spread the word on how great (or terrible) it was and their followers will, well €¦ follow!

Now is the perfect time to refine or commence your path into the social media sector, amplifying your business and your prospects.

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